Improve by Analysis and Modelling

Analyse Data

Get more in-depth knowledge of your business and your industry with world class Management Reporting. Get insight into your customers with a well thought out data insight strategy. Leverage the wonderful data analysis tools you have at your disposal and prepare your organisation for where you want to go.

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Build Models

Simplify and assess complex real-world problems by building useful data models. Use mathematics to confirm your understanding of data by building statistical models. Confirm the success of your investments and if they are the best fit for your company with financial modelling and even predict the future.

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Improve Processes

Prepare your company for growth by improving the speed and accuracy of your processes by automation. Get expert advice on the best way of organizing your data for growth or for a future project in the most useful way. If you are moving to another system, make sure you are moving the right data.

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We work hard from the beginning to understand your unique requirement and continue to do so over the entire project always confirming our understanding of what you want while giving it to you.

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We take full responsibility of the safety and protection of your data. We offer custom solutions to give you peace of mind. We consider your data to be on of your most valuable assets.

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We have worked with some of the best companies in the world and would love to share our stories and help you like we have helped them. We can give you references to happy clients.

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Skype took peer to peer telecommunication to the mainstream. It was acquired by Ebay in 2005 and subsequently sold off in 2009. This involved a data migration project to extract Skype data from Ebay. Skype is now owned by Microsoft who has included it in their Office suite of programs.