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We provide Data Analysis and Modelling services to make better use of your data and optimise your business in the process.

Based in London and Twyford, we have delivered our bespoke solutions to some of the best companies in the world.

We started out journey trying to make companies make the most of their existing applications and processes. Only trying to make them better. There seem to be recurring problems that can be solved in many organisations and our goal is to deliver these to as many organisations as possible, each delivery being better than the last.

What we can offer you.

Our goal is to deliver high quality useful solutions in the shortest time possible making your consulting engagement productive and profitable. Solution delivery is in a process of constant improvement, we spend a lot of time on research keeping an eye out on the latest trends for the market and the best way to deliver solutions. What we have at the moment is a tried and tested methodology for engagement and delivery using the agile methodology, which focuses on putting working solutions in front of the customer fast.


Our goal is to make our customers happy with our solutions. This means the solutions have to be useful to you. Leave the hard stuff to us because we enjoy doing it and just go by the benefits.

Tried and tested methodology

Out engagement methodology has worked in the past and covers much of the requirements of a standard project. It is also adaptable enough to unique project requirements. It has all been designed to make you feel confident of our skills and comfortable with our service.
We take the agile software development approach to building solutions where the user's needs are given priority.

Past experience

We draw on specific projects we have done in the past for experience. We try to solve problems that have been solved before so we know what to expect. No two projects are exactly the same but no two projects are entirely different.

Great communication

As a customer, you will always know where we are in the project. From the initial inquiry and the first quotation to any point in the project, what we are doing on your solution will be communicated to you. If we come across any roadblocks, you know as soon as we know.

Secure data

Your will be secure from the beginning. If we are using your servers, we will not take any data out of your network without your permission. We also offer a host of security protocols that will be customized to your requirement.

After sales service

  • All customers will be given a login to this site and access to all project documents. This is a nice way of keeping all our correspondences in one place.
  • All delivered solutions will have a 3 month guarantee so you can be sure it will be operating as best as possible after we leave.


We try to sell ourselves on the quality of our documentation. Proper documentation means it can be picked up by a third party who will understand exactly what the solution does and how it is built. We have standard documents covering all you need to know in detail. Comprehensive documentation of service

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