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Custom Dashboards at PB

Custom Dashboards bring together the unique list of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that matter to your situation that needs to be measured. The key challenges are determining what needs to be measured and then how to go about getting the data at the right time to make it useful. Intellisolve has qualified Management Accountants to help you determine the right things to measure and experienced Data Analysts to work out the best way to get the data.

The Challenge

Get an extract of all month end financial transactions from SAP and structure and report all transactions in a new organisation hierarchy. The hierarchy was regularly updated so users needed the ability to update the solution with the changes to the hierarchy. The reports had to be implemented across subsidiary companies in Europe and accommodate local reporting requirements.

The Solution

An MS Access and Excel data solution where data extracted from SAP was loaded into MS Access, processed and finally reported on MS Excel. The solution also allowed for the organisation hierarchy to be loaded after an update happened. The reports were created in Excel which used the MS Access database as a source for data. This meant new reports could be created with minimum modification of the application as all the data was already available.

The Result

The month end reporting timeline in finance was made shorter due to the early visibility of data. The customised reporting along with the ability to drill down to a transaction level meant that financial reconciliations were made easy. The finance teams could react to questions posed to them a lot quicker leading to less friction during month end reporting.

The Applications Involved

During initial investigation we select the best applications that will fix your requirement and build our solutions on top of this.

The Services Involved

Come to us for our unique approach to data solutions taylor made for your unique needs. We have years of experience delivering useful solutions doing only a few things that we are really good at.

Our services allow you to hand over the techincal aspects of data management and analysis over to us to help you focus on the business

Statistical Modelling

A statistical model takes the guesswork out of thinking there are patterns in your data. Using a statistical model, you can mathematically prove if there are relationships between elements of a dataset and if so you can assign a number to the degree of the relationship. When you model real world data, relationships are a grey area. There are exceptions to rules due to the complexity of real world interactions. Intellisolve sets up statistical models the same way as financial models, focusing on the business need first and building the model around that.

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