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No unexpected surprises when we deal with you.

We put data security as utmost priority. You will know exactly where your data is at all time and the steps we have taken to protect it. As a data analysis company we are fully aware of the competitive edge good data analysis gives you and take it very seriously.

End to End Data Management

When we start off a project with you, we will be keeping a log of where your data is, what versions of the data are available and the steps we have taken to protect your data. In addition we offer more ways of ensuring your data is secure.

Internally Stored Data

Our systems are secure with no way in or out without security. The data stored on external servers will be encrypted using advanced encryption that is impossible to break. Data will only be used on work laptops while our consultants are working on it and then re encrypted before uploading to the servers or deleted.

Delete Data

At the end of the project your data will be wiped from our system. You will have access to all the communication documents on this website but we will not keep your data after the project is over.

Non Disclosure Agreements

The engagement documents will contain a non disclosure clause which we cannot speak about the particulars of the data to anyone except those agreed upon in the initial agreement document.

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