Improve by Analysis and Modelling

Data Insight

Data insight is the process of extracting useful information from data. Useful in a business setting is information that will help your organisation achieve their goals. The objectives of insight projects should align with the business objectives. Although an insight project is a one off process, the outcomes will eventually be taken over by the business as it adapts to the new information.

Well organised data insight projects follow a methodology that builds its self around business objectives. The main stages in the project documented here.

Intellisolve has a tried and tested methodology used to deliver tangible results and deals with:

  1. Helping frame the objectives of the of the project.
  2. Enlisting subject matter experts on specialist knowledge within industries.
  3. Creating models.
  4. Interpreting and communicating results.
  5. Building reporting pipelines to track future activity.
  6. Overall project management.

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Understanding the business requirement is the key to delivering the right solution.

Our services allow you to hand over the techincal aspects of data management and analysis over to us to help you focus on the business

Statistical Modelling

A statistical model takes the guesswork out of thinking there are patterns in your data. Using a statistical model, you can mathematically prove if there are relationships between elements of a dataset and if so you can assign a number to the degree of the relationship. When you model real world data, relationships are a grey area. There are exceptions to rules due to the complexity of real world interactions. Intellisolve sets up statistical models the same way as financial models, focusing on the business need first and building the model around that.

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