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Management Reports

Financial and Management Reporting give you feedback on how well your business is achieving its objectives.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is a standard set of reports that all businesses need to produce to communicate with external stakeholders. It is a legal requirement that they are created in a particular format.

They consist of the Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cashflows. They are externally focused and present a standard way of determining the health of the company. Financial Reporting is historically focused. Because they are in a standard format, they allow you to compare businesses and are the main documents used to convey the wellbeing of the business.

Management Reporting

Management Reporting is mainly used for the stakeholders running the business. They are a bespoke internally focused set of reports carefully considered to track to the objectives of the company.

Examples of management reporting are costing production of goods or getting a breakdown of staff by department.

Management reporting falls within a larger data analytics project and is involved in suggesting and gathering the most important metrics that an organisation needs to focus on in order to reach its business goals.

Intellisolve has worked on world class Management Accounting projects in a wide range of business settings, utilising the latest research on what is currently hot and working in the industry.

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Statistical Modelling

A statistical model takes the guesswork out of thinking there are patterns in your data. Using a statistical model, you can mathematically prove if there are relationships between elements of a dataset and if so you can assign a number to the degree of the relationship. When you model real world data, relationships are a grey area. There are exceptions to rules due to the complexity of real world interactions. Intellisolve sets up statistical models the same way as financial models, focusing on the business need first and building the model around that.

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