Financial Modelling 

with real commercial benefit and rapid implementation.

Experienced financial modellers will help you uncover business opportunities.

 - Gather, Extract and transform all data formats.

 - All available software applications at your disposal. Not just Excel.

 - Build robust models to plan, identify risks and exploit opportunities.

 - Integrate models into business processes for maximum impact.

 - The right skills to work in your business with minimum cost and disruption.

Using a proven method that is built around delivery in the shortest possible time.

Case Studies

Some of our accomplishments


Consolidate 1000+ business cases in order to perform meta data analysis and provide a summary over multiple dimensions. 



Predict growth in enterprise data storage and model scenarios based on different strategic courses of action.



Build a model which identifies project cost errors to assist in the prediction of estimation errors in future projects.

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Create a dataset model of the entire Skype general ledger to assist with the migrated into a new financial system.


End to End Financial Modelling Solutions

Modular skill sets mean we can complete the entire modelling process or work on a specific part and not have to revamp your entire model. We provide dependent services or as a complement to your team’s skills and provide a flexible approach to your requirements.

Gather Data

 - Audit company datasets to identify where the right data is and the best way to consume the data.

 - Extract data from multiple sources such as spreadsheets, applications, databases, websites and APIs.

 - Transform, scrub and validate data with data owners with minimal business disruption to their day to day activities.

- Consolidate and document data ready for analysis and integration into models.

Build Models

We have successfully built a wide range of models that mostly fall into categories.

 - Planning models. Built for strategic planning process for future estimating activities.

 - Analysis models. Identify risks and exploit opportunities efficiently when they present themselves.

 - Answer specific business questions regarding your data and build a model around it.

>>What we've done in the past<<

Optimise Processes

 - Integrate models into the entire business process. Increase business impact and ROI.

 - Make automation software such as VBA and Python available to you.

 - Automate processes and improve accuracy whilst saving time.

 - Outsource and optimise non core business processes to external service providers.


What some of our clients have to say.

Tom Ford

Global Account Executive

The analysis done by Intellisolve allowed us to suggest cost saving strategies to our enterprise clients.

It goes to show that you can find useful information even from data that is not normally used for analysis.

Zaynab Zubair

Transformation consultant

Intellisolve was bought into build financial models to migrate into the new SAP environment. They were able to suggest innovative ways to move this data significantly reducing the time taken to do this part of the project. We look forward to employing Intellisolve for any relevant work in the future.

Mille Dias

Finance Specialist

Intellisolve built a data product to process a large amount of information in order to give a dimensional view of a multi-year hardware roll out. They were able to take a very complex problem and break it down into its most important components. Would definitely recommend the modelling skills Intellisolve can bring to your organisation.

What we Use

The Software

The right tool for the right job. Make the most of your existing software investment and leverage cost effective and free options available to you.

MS Excel

The most widely used application for commerce. Our methodology guarantees a well organised and documented model that can be easily taken over by new users.


The language of Excel macros. Can be used to integrate with other applications and automate repetitive processes to improve efficiency.

MS Access

Taking over the medium intensity data projects Excel can struggle with. MS Access gives you an organised structure to manage your data.


Python is a popular solution for financial data processing, often used for data intense projects. It has excellent libraries for statistics and machine learning.

about us

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Over the years, we have worked on building technically brilliant financial models. They have made a real difference in the organisations we have worked in by:

 - Efficiently using their financial data assets

 - Focusing and understanding key business drivers

 - Modifying their reporting processes making them seamless and efficient

Thus contributing towards a more efficient and profitable business.

We bring this entire experience to your business. We look to set up long term relationships with you as we provide our financial modelling expertise.

We believe that high quality financial modelling is an investment, as we have seen first hand, the importance of an efficiently built model. Reach out to us and we can discuss how we can assist you capitalise on our services.

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