Adding value every step of the way.

We aim to get you up and running with a working model as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why process is important?

The sooner the end user can work with the revised model the faster we know we are on the right track of model development. This is how the original concept is really developed.

The steps in the process may not all apply but can be customised depending on your project.

What to expect

The Process

If you have any type of forecasting requirement, then the first thing to do is get in touch. One of our consultants will make contact with you.

On the call we will discuss the scope and scale of the project. Depending on how complex the project may be there may be other calls later.

Each of the steps will be sized up. For instance you may already have the data available and no further processing is required, this means the data gathering phase will be shorter. If not we may need to extract and clean the data and this will take longer.

Each pf these steps may not be sequential and you could come back to one after getting more information from the subsequent steps.

1. Define the Project

Based on the calls we will present a summary of the project for your confirmation. The summary will highlight:

 - The ultimate outcome of the project
 - Definition of what is to be forecast and how. Time horizons.
 - Anything that needs to be confirmed for the future
 - Time frames and possible meetings with stakeholders
 - Cost estimations.
This will be used as a basis to start with work.

2. Gather Information

Proper data gathering can sometimes be up to 80% of the project size. A large part of the forecasters time can be spent locating and collating data prior to developing suitable forecasting methods.

The data required for forecasting may already exist. These days a lot of data are recorded and the forecasters task is to identify how the required data are stored.

Spend time talking to people who will use the forecast to ensure we understand their needs. and how forecasts will be used before embarking on extensive work producing forecasts.

Either give us the information or work with your team to extract out the data. Intellisolve has expert data analysts who can extract information from any source. We can also automate extracting information from unusual sources like webpages and databases and APIs and multiple spreadsheets in different formats.

3. Select and Fit Models

Select a range of forecasting approaches and select the best one that fits your data. From simple to complex. For each model, select the right parameters that enable them to score the best.

With the models scored, we will use a combination of qualitative and quantitative factors to determine the right forecast. We will normally select about 2-3 models. Present the finding and find some of the right models that will work for you.

Depending on the requirement scenarios will be built here.

At the end of this you will have agreed on the right forecasting method for your data.

4. Combine Into Your Process

Build and integrate into your planning system. If the forecast is part of your budget then convert it into the standard you want according to dimensions, time and granularity.

If the forecast is to be done on a regular basis, give you the tools to refresh information.

Automate processes. Frequent forecasts will require automated work.

5. Ongoing Expert support

All our models come with a backing and guarantee which means you are able to contact us should any fine tuning and changes be required.

Any automated processes, where you need to run the models multiple times with new information will be set up and handed over to your team.

Your Data

We take information security very seriously. Therefore your data will be secure and private at all times. Customer data is stored on a secure cloud based platform. All cached data will be deleted thus eliminating the exposure and possibility of local hardware being compromised.

Transmission of data will be via secure link. We recommend all our clients do this as well. We are happy to assist you with this task.

At the end of the project, with your permission, we will retain copies of your data files in case we have to provide assistance at a later date.

Have our Consultants Contact You

  • Send us a message if your business needs any sort of financial modelling.
  • You could know what you want or could be looking for options.
  • Either way a chat with us would definitely help you on figuring out the best way to go.
  • One of our experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours, usually sooner.
  • On our call we can both get an understanding on what you need and how we can help.