You need Sales Forecasting  

now more than ever.

Have you ever wondered how much your data is worth?

Now more than ever your data is more valuable.

Accurately integrating sales and customer data into planning can lead to:

  • Enhance understanding of your market gaining actionable insights
  • Better confidence in decision making with greater awareness of the drivers behind the decisions.
  • Quickly adapt to new market realities by understanding how events could have affected sales in the past.

Forecasting is the first step in your planning cycle. To benefit from high quality forecasting, data needs to be accurately integrated into businesses processes for maximum impact and ROI.

Case Studies

Forecasting solutions we have accomplished in the past



Intellisolve Sales Forecasting solutions

Intellisolve's sales forecasting product has been built around a proven methodology. We aim to give you a high quality predictable service and an exceptional return on your investment.

01. Gather Data

 - Gather, extract and transform data in all possible formats. 

 - Document sources of information including data and expert knowledge. 

 - Greater insight into your data through statistical analysis and reports.

02. Build Models

 - The right forecasting models to fit your data.

 - An explanation of why the method was selected along with the pros and cons of the approach. 

 - Output format that easily integrates into your existing systems and reports.

03. Integrate into Planning

 - Build into existing processes for maximum business impact. 

 - Optimise inventory and human resources with an efficient plan in place. 

 - Expert support along the way for any queries and modifications to the models.


What some of our clients have to say.

Subra Eassuwaran


Intellisolve helped us to better plan our purchases and reduce our inventory by giving us new insights from our own sales data.

Their reports helped us easily understand trends and build clear actionable models.


For a medium sized business like us, it has been great to work with a company that provides a personalized service but could also scale up to manage large volumes of data. Highly recommend their professionalism.

Tom Ford

Global Account Executive

The analysis done by Intellisolve allowed us to suggest cost saving strategies to our enterprise clients.

It goes to show that you can find useful information even from data that is not normally used for analysis.

Zaynab Zubair

Transformation consultant

Intellisolve was bought into build trend analysis on financial models. These were subsequently migrated into a new SAP Environment.  They were able to suggest innovative ways to move this data significantly reducing the time taken to do this part of the project.

We look forward to employing Intellisolve for any relevant work in the future.

What you will get


 - Standard products with an idea of costs and timeframes at the beginning of the project.

 - No new software applications. All analysis and output will be integrated directly with your existing software.

 - We are always on call and will support any models that were built in the past.


 - Clear entry and exit means minimum disruption to your organisation and teams. We will let you know the likely activities and meetings when we start the project.

 - Forecast methods are chosen on the basis of very simple to complex. Not more complicated than it needs to be.

 - Optimised for remote work. We have systems and processes in place for secure communication and management of your data.


 - Created forecasting solutions in a wide range of organisations in various contexts. We are happy to discuss our previous projects.

 - Quickly hone in on the right forecasting methods for you and provide the pros and cons of each approach.

 - Able to seamlessly integrate any additional analysis into the project.

Have one of our consultants contact you.

- Do you need to build a model?

- Get in touch for a no obligation chat.

- You could know what you want or could be looking for options.

- We can discuss what you need and the fastest path from problem to solution. 

- One of our experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours, usually sooner.

What to expect #1

What to expect

1. A document of the data sources and information that went into building the forecast. Which includes the data as well our consultants expert knowledge on how to make use of this information. 

2. Statistical analysis and reports on the data sources to provide you more insight into your data.

3. A forecast of your next period based on a forecasting method that best fits your data. Built on the required levels of dimensions, granularity and time horizon. The forecast will be in a previously agreed format that can be integrated into your existing systems.

4. A plan going forward. How to update forecasts and what to do if you need assistance.

Your Data

We take information security very seriously. Therefore your data will always be secure and private at all times. Customer data is stored on a secure cloud based platform. All cached data will be deleted thus eliminating the exposure and possibility of local hardware being compromised.

Transmission of data will be via secure link. We recommend that all our clients follow this protocol. We are happy to assist you with this task.

At the end of the project, with your permission, copies of your data files will be retained in the event we have to provide assistance at a later date.

Have our Consultants Contact You

- Do you need to build a model?

- Get in touch for a no obligation chat.

- You could know what you want or could be looking for options.

- We can discuss what you need and the fastest path from problem to solution. 

- One of our experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours, usually sooner.